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amazing tiger mount by Skywalker [x]

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Etsy Censorship in the Taxidermy Community


In case you didn’t already know, Etsy recently instated another new policy limiting sellers only within the taxidermy community. This new policy is regarding the listing of wet specimens on their site.

After an unsuccessful attempt at banning wet specimens outright, they now…

I picked this little guy up from an auction recently. He’s very cute! He needs a little bit of TLC and he’ll be looking as good as new :) 

Lifesize Alpaca Skin [ x ]

Why do those videos, like earthlings, always depict slaughter animals suffering the worst? When in normal slaughter houses, depending on regulations, they don't? If the animals suffered, as "bad" as they say during slaughter, their meat would be darker and would severely effect profit.


That’s their entire deal. They pay people to abuse animals so they can film it “secretly”. They would NEVER show humane slaughter methods because their entire existance is to mislead people. They don’t expect anybody to educate themselves because the people who follow and believe the crap they peddle are ignorant.

I’ve mentioned this a few times before, I remember seeing an anti-trapping video on Youtube, with clips of animals running into traps. How did the people filming catch the animals walking into traps? Animals usually get caught in traps during the night because that’s when they’re out looking for food. How did they film them so closely without being detected? Even trappers have to watch out and keep from leaving their scent around or nothing will enter the trap. How did so many animals get caught in traps not meant for them?
The answer is simple - I found it after doing some research: The animals were in pens/fenced in and were coaxed/chased into the traps for the sole purpose of getting footage of “cruel” traps.
Not to mention some of the traps were altered so that they didn’t kill the animals. If you check out the conibear trap around 2:35, you’ll notice that one of the springs still had it’s safety clip on, leading to the beaver escaping towards the very end of that footage.

The anti-fur people don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to trapping, and it’s because of dumb videos like this, aimed at dumb people.

Around 2:47 you’ll see what I previously mentioned about ignorance in how the body works. You see a death twitch, they’re playing it off as if the animal is still alive.
When you see here.. the twitching/kicking is quite normal:

3:33: Why is a coyote caught in a Belisle #330 beaver conibear? The springs aren’t even placed properly to open.

The cherry on top:
"The leghold trap rarely kills quickly, if at all"
"Animals chew themselves free, twist off limbs, or succumb to cold or starvation"
"In Canada, no regulations exist requiring trappers to check their traps"
LOL. These people literally do not know a damn thing about the traps or laws they’re talking about.

You see what I mean, though? Earthlings and the like are aimed at dumb people who are too stupid to do research for themselves. These people torture animals to show that torturing animals is wrong.


Short Beak Echidna [x]


It frustrates me when people try to justify hunting as ‘just another sport’. Hunting is not a sport - hunting is what we did before there was sport. It is much more primal and basic - it can be suppressed, diverted or ignored - but it still exists.

Early humans evolved to be…